How to fill in the euHS_I survey?

  • Start by clicking on “Start the survey”
  • Select your preferred mode of working with the survey
  • Share some basic information about your country of residence and your background and click continue
  • Choose quick navigation by selecting the subtheme and indicators of your interest/expertise, if you have limited time resources
  • Click on an indicator and a page opens
  • Map the indicator to respective performance domains, and
  • Decide on the level of the indicator
  • Add any comments in the comment field where pertinent.
  • You can also tick an indicator as ‘not relevant’.
  • “Save and Next” brings you to the next indicator
  • “Save and Back” saves and brings you to the overview of your responses
  • Interrupt your data entry and continue at a later point in time by bookmarking the indicator page (the next page)

Mode of working

This code allows you to interrupt data entry and to continue at a later point in time.

Please copy this code somewhere or bookmark the next page.
You can close the window anytime and continue with this code later on.


Start the survey


If you have already started the survey, please copy your saved code below.