Welcome to the second wave of the
european Health System_Indicators survey (euHS_I survey)


Thank you for agreeing to be a member of our panel to identify a set of “headline indicators” to be used to monitor the health of the population and the performance of health systems.

In this 2nd wave, we are trying to establish a consensus on a set of indicators, of greatest value in assessing the performance of health care systems. Please think carefully about the most important indicators, and do not hesitate to score down those you think are of less importance.

Your knowledge and your expertise is indispensable for mapping and classifying indicators out of a list of 95. This process is your opportunity to give your views. We hope that you will find it an engaging and enjoyable experience.

Please draw on your own personal and professional experience, as well as any knowledge that you have of current, relevant research evidence.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at: maria.hofmarcher@healthsystemintelligence.eu or natasa.peric@meduniwien.ac.at.